Welcome to the Forestry Hub – Thanks for finding us – now we can say a bit about what the Forestry Hub is, and what you might find here.

Where are we? – The Forestry Hub is a modern building, built largely of wood, owned by Welsh Government on the Dyfi Eco Parc in Machynlleth. It provides flexible, multi-user office and meeting space, both for long term users and also for one off meetings or events. The building itself is close by the railway station at Machynlleth – so is readily accessible by rail, as well as having shared parking facilities.

Why a Forestry Hub? – Wales is one of the few countries in the world with a sustainability principle embedded in legislation. The Wellbeing of Future Generations Act places duties on a whole range of public sector bodies to state how they put those principles into practice. Welsh Government recognises that woodlands and forests play a vital part in a sustainable future – for the environment, the rural economy, and for citizens and communities across the country. The Forestry Hub is a practical expression of this – bringing a range of different organisations working in the fields of forestry, environment and community – into one place for shared ideas and skills, and opportunity to collaborate.

The Forestry Hub is supported by Welsh Government as part of the practical application of the Wellbeing of Future Generations Act – and is run on a practical day to day basis by the organisations that use it.

Shared vision – Our shared vision is that this becomes a place and a space – real and virtual – to be a ‘first contact’ for guidance and information about using woodlands – if we don’t know directly, we will know someone who will!

Already a series of different events, meetings and workshops – for public sector, private sector and third sector – have been run by organisations and groups , so why not get in touch to see if you can join them or run your own workshop?

To find out more about the organisations using the Forestry Hub, just click on the links above.